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Deb and Eugene Wiwchar.

  We are reliable professionals in the education, masonry and business fields, with over 60 years of experience between the two of us. We are both members of the Edmonton Permaculture Guild in Alberta.

  I have been planting seeds since I was a child awakening the gardener in me.Along the way I  earned  a B.of Ed. Degree and started my own business. In 2013 I obtained Permaculture Design Certification which now allows me to enjoy both my passions,gardening and education. Everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher.

  Eugene is a journeyman mason for 35 years and has been certified in several areas which inspector,project manager and.....

  Masonry has been the main focus and passion of Eugene`s work life with the ability and experience of building more than can be mentioned.With Permaculture now being such a large part of our everyday lives Eugene`s interests have blossomed and now enhance all of his previous building knowledge.

 Presently Clay Based Paint and Plaster, Rocket Mass Heaters for both in and out doors, and general construction needed for permaculture designs are Eugene`s focus.


  Practical application of Permaculture  based on Design, Ethics, Principles, Experience, and Knowledge.

  We provide workshops for;

    Rocket Mass Heaters for both indoor and outdoor units

    Clay Based Paint and Plaster for your home etc.


  We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative, practical and sustainable solutions.

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  We started on the road of permaculture in 2010, working in our suburban back yard where we practiced with container and small area gardening.We grew alot more flowers then and started with small food crops consisting of vegetables, herbs, salad foods and a few medicinal plants. Five years later, after obtaining a Permaculture Design Certificate we now have 1 hectare / 3 acres to work with which is where our lifetime practicum is taking place. We have been able to add many elements such as water harvesting, raised beds,fruiting shrubs, small livestock and a Walipini in particular which is just in it`s beginning stage. In the future we will be expanding our food production by including fish and aquaponics in our permaculture design.

  Self sustainability is our prime focus and we will continue to enhance our permaculture design to help achieve that goal

  Now we are branching out with Eugene`s masonry experience to include rocket mass heaters, outdoor ovens,natural clay based plaster and paints using local products that are available to us.

  Our passion, dedication and scope grow stronger with every new element we add to our design and teachings.Working with us, you will find we still stay true to permaculture ethics and principles.

   The site is under construction so check back for changes and updates.