Clay Paints and Plasters

One of the best ways to give your home a new look is to grab a can of paint in your newly chosen colour(s) and get to work on a feature wall, a whole room or even your whole abode!

We suggest using Clay Based Paints and Plasters for your next venture because of the many beneficial reasons.

  Clay paints and plasters,both interior and exterior, are of course made with all natural earth products. They do not contain those chemicals (VolotileOrganicCompounds-VOC`s)found in commercial paints and plasters which release low level toxins for many years and contribute to ill health.

  The health and environmental benefits are almost one in the same but I will try to separate them.

 Health Benefits

  Clay based plasters and paints;

  • are hypoallergenic , toxin free , dust free
  • emit negative ions which increase our serotonin levels
  • the negative ions help to alleviate depression and stress, as well as boosting energy levels


 Environmental Benefits

  • improves the quality of indoor air

         lets your house breathe naturally, cutting down on humidity control unit usage

  • resists mold growing in your home
  • breathes with humidity levels
  • no fumes
  • no smell once dried and cured
  • no toxins for our landfills
  • no ground water contaminants
  • water based for an easy clean up


Rocket Mass Heaters

Rocket Mass Heaters are in no way a new invention. In the past when Romans and other cultures were devising plumbing and moving water, they were also finding ways to heat and circulate it for living comfort.

Rocket Mass Heaters burn efficiently at high temperatures with little to no smoke emissions as well as minimal fuel input (kindling as opposed to logs),and can be purposed for so many usages in today`s world;

outdoor pizza ovens

indoor fireplace/furnace

outdoor fireplace/oven/BBQ

heating  units for greenhouses,shops ,cabins

  The materials for rocket mass heaters ranges from metal to masonry, mortar to cob,and can be functional to whimsical in appearance( a little research will show you the limitless options when it comes to artistic design).